2022世界杯买球盘口’s mission is to maximize urban water efficiency and conservation throughout California by supporting and integrating innovative technologies and practices; encouraging effective public policies; advancing research, 培训, and public education; and building collaborative approaches and partnerships.




主席,罗布·惠普尔 鹰航解决方案
副主席查尔斯·波利 东湾市政公用事业区
财政部长,艾米·麦克纳尔蒂 欧文牧场水区



格雷格Bundesen 萨克拉门托郊区水区
马修年代. 狄更斯 圣克拉丽塔山谷水务局
黛比•邓恩 圣地亚哥县水务局
贾斯汀雀 莫尔顿尼格尔水区
卡洛Gavina 南加州天然气公司
肯•詹金斯 加州水务局
伊丽莎白Lovsted 圣地亚哥县水务局
Jazmine莫雷 鹰航解决方案
特伦斯·麦卡锡 洛杉矶水电局
比尔麦克唐奈 节水联盟
莎拉但 水槽
克莱尔Nordlie 圣罗莎市
詹娜Shimmin 城市东部水区
艾米·托尔伯特 地区水务局
Jenyffer Vasquez 西盆地市政水区
玛德琳木 圣巴巴拉市


瑞安贝利 CA部门. 水资源
托马斯·霍斯 U.S. 垦务局


莎拉·弗利 执行董事,营运 莎拉·弗利在2022世界杯买球盘口报道, previously known as the California Urban Water Conservation Council, 自2012年以来. 莎拉负责监督组织的运作职能. She has extensive experience with both urban and agricultural water organizations in California. From 2002 to 2012 Sarah served as the deputy director of the Sacramento City-County Office of Metropolitan Water Planning.
Tia弗莱明 对外事务执行主任 Tia负责2022世界杯买球盘口的对外事务. She has over a decade of experience working with environmental and water-focused non-profits and municipal organizations. 她善于外联, 宣传, 便利化, 联合开发, and engagement with strong media and communication experience. 在加入2022世界杯买球盘口之前, Tia worked in various capacities with WaterNow Alliance, Imagine H2O and several environmental and climate-focused non-profits in California.
丽莎Cuellar 项目主任 Lisa works with stakeholders across the state to help implement outdoor water saving programs and 培训s. 丽莎拥有加州大学洛杉矶分校土木工程硕士学位, and dual undergraduate degrees in Applied Ecology and Environmental Engineering from UC Irvine. Lisa is also a WaterSense certified Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper, 持有永续农业设计证书, and a 2018 graduate of the Water Education Foundation’s Water Leaders Class.
快乐Keightley 控制器 As 控制器, Joy wears many hats overseeing all accounting operations. These operations include everything from financial reporting to establishing internal controls and issuing cash disbursements. Joy has 25 years of accounting experience in a variety of positions from payables to full charge bookkeeping and received a Master of Science in Accountancy in 2008. Joy is considered a CPA candidate as she has passed all 4 parts of the CPA exam.
琳达签证官 项目经理 对水资源问题和政策有浓厚的兴趣, Linda will utilize her knowledge and skills to help promote water efficiency and conservation as 2022世界杯买球盘口’s 项目经理. 在加入2022世界杯买球盘口之前, she was a Legislative Aide in the California State Legislature. She also previously worked as a Water Conservation Assistant at the Alameda County Water District and was a CivicSpark Water Fellow with the Local Government Commission. Linda graduated with Honors from UC Davis where she majored in Managerial Economics and minored in Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning.
茱莉亚Mes 行政及项目助理 茱莉亚在行政部门工作 & 项目助理. She received her undergraduate degree in Sociology from UC Berkeley. 加入2022世界杯买球盘口之前, Julia worked as a case manager assisting clients through their Social Security Disability cases. 后来,她在萨克拉门托的一家食品银行工作, serving the community and assisting in their accounting department. 她是一名持证瑜伽教练, a WaterSense certified Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper, 西班牙语双语.


25年前, in response to a goal set by the State Water Resources Control Board to save more than one million gallons of water through conservation efforts, 数百家水务机构, 环保组织, and other interested parties signed a historic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). A first of its kind collaboration among a vast array of stakeholders, the council established voluntarily best management practices for California water agencies to conserve our most precious resource while documenting their 成功.

With increased pressure from a changing climate – more severe droughts and water uncertainty – and new mandatory regulations from the state of California, including new framework to “Make Water Conservation a California Way of Life,” the Council membership voted to allow the organization to sunset, replacing it with a new one: the California Water Efficiency Partnership, 或2022世界杯买球盘口.

2018年3月, the California Water Efficiency Partnership launched as an innovative leader, 加州水资源效率方面的声音和专家. The Partnership carries forward the expertise and collaboration that was a Council hallmark but with a new name and new, 灵活的框架. 2022世界杯买球盘口 is committed to providing cutting-edge expertise on California water issues, 挑战, and opportunities within a broad collaborative framework.


Members of 2022世界杯买球盘口 are voluntarily organized into two main committees. These committees help drive our work and prioritize our agenda. 成员被邀请加入一个或多个委员会. As needed, “task forces” will be formed to address more specific, time-limited topics. 会员可联络 (电子邮件保护) 加入委员会! 


The 研究与评价 Committee's mission is to collaboratively identify and pursue research projects that will benefit the statewide membership. Members can view notes and upcoming meetings in 世界杯买球盘口.

米歇尔·马多斯,主席 马多斯水资源管理
蕾切尔·怀特,副主席 奥兰治县市政水区


从不同的成员中抽取, the program committee meets for regular Peer-to-Peer engagement to communicate needs, 成功, 和挑战, and identify actionable steps for addressing conservation program needs both on an agency and statewide level. Members can view notes and upcoming meetings in 世界杯买球盘口.

主席:Ariel Flores 洛杉矶水电局
副主席Jolene Bertetto 东湾市政公用事业区

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